Biofuel in practical tests.
We bring sustainability to the air.

Worldwide mobility needs are on the rise, but fossil fuel resources are finite. This conflict demands new strategies for sustainable mobility and new approaches in the area of fuel. Little is known about the effectiveness and properties of biofuels under the conditions of routine operations. For this reason Lufthansa has carried out pioneer work. Between 15 July and 27 December 2011, Lufthansa has become the first airline worldwide to use biofuel on regular flights.

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  • Biofuel in practical tests

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  • All about Biofuels

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  • Air traffic

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  • Results of the six-month long-term trial

    Find here the recent results of the long-term trial.

    1556,9 t
    bio-kerosene blend consumed
    1471 t
    reduction in CO2 emissions *
    Rough estimate of the reduction in CO2 emissions (t) = bio-kerosene mixture consumed in flight (t) * share of pure bio-kerosene (50%) * greenhouse-gas savings potential of bio-kerosene (60%) * CO2 emission for combustion of 1 tonne of kerosene (3.15 tonnes of CO2)